Grievance Cell

Scitech Park recognizes the right of every citizen to have a right to proper civic services and utilities and so it must have a charter to maintain service levels for various services like potholes, drainage, street-lights etc under the purview of the corporation in good condition throughout the year. We have developed a web GIS based software to monitor the service levels starting with road repair and maintenance of pot holes and which can then be extended to other services to the citizens.
Road map

•    Phase-I: Development of Service level monitoring of pain points ( A pot hole problem is illustrated)
•    Phase-II: Extend the same infrastructure to include monitoring of other services like streetlights, drainage, and any other complaints.

The scope of the web application comprises 3 major activities:

  • Reporting the Pot Holes on the GIS by either Engineer, Inspection agent or Citizen
  • Daily Planning and reporting of the Pot Hole repair work by Engineering
  • Service Level monitoring of Pot Hole repair and maintenance

Every ward shall have a designated Junior Engineer and a Deputy Engineer responsible for Pot Holes. The reporting of pot hole can be done by anyone categorized as below:

•    Junior Engineer or any one in the engineering department
•    Inspecting agent
•    Citizens

Anyone who wants to report the pot hole can use the Web GIS application to identify the pothole on the respective road on the Web GIS map.
The user shall enter following data related to the Pot hole.
•    Location of Pothole with Landmark description
•    Description of Pot hole
•    Upload photo

Once the pot hole is reported the concerned Junior Engineer & Deputy Engineer shall be notified by the system through e-mail as well as SMS.

Day to Day Planning

Junior Engineer shall prepare a daily planning of pot hole repair for the ward that has been allocated to him/her. This plan shall be uploaded by the Junior Engineer on the Web GIS application. This plan shall contain following information:
•    Pot Holes to be repaired in the day plan
•    Estimate of Labour required
•    Estimate of Material required i.e. Murum, Paving block, BVM etc.
•    Type of pot hole whether it is a pot hole or a trench
•    Cause of pot hole
•    Re-occurrence of pot hole.

Once this plan is filled by the Junior Engineer it will go to the Deputy Engineer through notification and once Deputy Engineer and Executive Engineer approves the plan it will be consolidated.
The system shall report various aspects of daily plan as given below:
•    Pot holes planned for today on the Web GIS
•    Engineers who has not filled in plan Executive Engineer wise or Deputy Engineer wise
•    Re-occurrence reporting
At end of the day the Junior Engineer shall update the plan with actual completion status. Based on this various reports and statistics with trend analysis shall be generated.

Service Level Monitoring

Following is a list of some of the reports required to monitor the service levels.
•    Ward wise pot holes reported at any given stage
•    Ward wise pot holes repaired during a period
•    Engineer wise report
•    Deputy Engineer, Executive Engineer wise report
•    Reports based on Time taken to repair pot holes
•    Reports based on re-occurrence of pot holes
•    Reports based on Daily Planning
•    Reports based on plans not prepared 
•    Reports based on Material and Labor consumed

These reports shall be GIS based wherever relevant.